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Dirk Manning's horror-noir series returns with a new volume, an Omnibus collecting Volumes 1-4 all in full color, and Cthulhu happens!

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Previews! Lots of previews! Check 'em out!
9 months ago – Mon, May 02, 2022 at 03:31:36 PM

Here's some pRHEEviews for you all!

The time between the book being at the printers and the books being delivered to the warehouse for delivery is always -- to me, at least -- the hardest part of the campaign. That being said, after all the craziness in the paper industry it seems like (*knock on wood*) things are getting back on track, so we should all have our TALES OF MR. RHEE books to you sooner than later!

To that end, Art Designers Scotty and Martha at Source Point Press have absolutely rocked the designs for the covers, so given that I'm trying so hard not to spoil any of the interior content of either book, I wanted to share these with you, at least!

TALES OF MR. RHEE OMNIBUS: Kickstarter Exclusive Leatherbound Hardcover Edition

First off, look at that gorgeous gold lettering on the Kickstarter Exclsuive hardcover leather-bound edition of the TALES OF MR. RHEE OMNIBUS: ACT ONE! The back cover of the leather edition sports a giant Mr. Rhee sigil (the standards TPB will have standard text)... and it's gorgeous! This is going to be a very special collector's edition of the book on par with the NIGHTMARE WORLD BIBLE from years prior!

Here's the final design of the TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 5 hardcover!

I know a lot of you have seen the mock-up of the TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 5 front cover... but this is the first time I've shared a look at the back cover! Check THIS out:

Mind you, TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 5 is in gorgeous full color, but keeping the monochrome color scheme on the back cover looked so stunning we of course opted to keep it! There's some more hints about what's happening in this volume via the text, so read it at your own discretion!

Again, the books are at the printer, and once they are printed and delivered to the warehouse we'll immediately be sending them out to all of you! In the meantime, we'll be printing the book plates and the art prints, and I'll keep you posted with peeks of those soon as well!

In the meantime, though...


After you have your world shooketh by the final page of TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 5: "Rock Star Paranoia," you may need to read something to make you laugh, so to that end we're following-up with THE ADVENTURES OF CTHULHU JR. AND FRIENDS, an all-ages (yes, it's LITERALLY all-ages -- not just for kids) graphic novel by me, artist and co-creator Scoot McMahon, colorist Sean Burres, and edited by Leah Lederman... and along with the book we're also offering a 12" plushie! Yes, seriously! Look!

Cuteness and cosmic horror combine in THE ADVENTURE OF CTHULHU JR. AND FRIENDS from Source Point Press!

I know a lot of you have been waiting for the release of this full graphic novel for a while, and quite frankly we have been too, and this Tuesday at 3:33 PM the campaign will be going live, at last!

If you haven't already, you can take a peek at the campaign HERE and also sign-up for a one-time notification upon launch! Along with the KS Exclusive Hardcover Edition of the book and the 12" plushie, we are offering a few other cool add-ons and have some amazing Stretch Goals lined-up as well... so, again, if you haven't already, take a moment to click the "Notify Me Upon Launch" over at right now!

Thanks all! Now that everything is moving along, I'll be in touch with some more RHEE-ly cool updates soon!

Your friend in comics,

Dirk Manning

Final digital proofs for printing have been delivered!
10 months ago – Tue, Apr 05, 2022 at 04:36:12 PM

Some RHEE-ly cool extras!

Hey all!

I know you can't see it, but I'm smiling ear-to-ear right now, as a few hours ago I just approved the final digital proofs for both TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 5 as well as the TALES OF MR. RHEE OMNIBUS: ACT ONE, which means the books will now be able to go to the printer! Huzzah!

Obviously, in a perfect world, the books would have gone to the printer much sooner, but world circumstances have caused a lot of chaos, including in the world of printing -- especially in regards to paper prices. Source Point Press has remained a great partner and publisher in this process, though, and I owe a HUGE shout-out to both Martha and Scotty for their amazing work in designing both books.

As those of you who know me well (even if it's just from past campaigns) are surely aware, the longer I'm given to sit on a book, the more I tend to add to it, and that was very much the case here. I was able to add some pretty cool extras to BOTH books thanks to the delay, making both books even more gorgeous! (The RHEE OMNIBUS: ACT ONE now includes rarely seen pin-ups by Marianna Pescosta  and Kristen Perry and RHEEv5 includes some all the #RHEETOBER pin-ups as originally illustrated by Austin McKinley along with some other treats.

All the Other Extras...

Now that the main books are done we'll be putting together the RHEEv5 Kickstarter Exclusive Bonus Book and also printing the book plates, prints, etc. Also, as promised, I'll be reaching out to those of you who pledged to get a stature to get that rolling.

I've also already started the pre-writing process for TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 6, so I'll be reaching out to those of you who pledged to be drawn into that volume so we get photos of you -- and decide if you're going to be a vampire or a victim. Heh.

Thanks, again, everyone! Now that the supply chain issues and such are getting smoothed out, the process should start moving a lot smoother -- and quicker -- again, and I most sincerely can't wait for all of you to get your books... especially since we're already prepping the next campaign... and it's one a lot of you have been waiting to see launch for a while now:

Coming next month via Kickstarter...

Oh... and we'll be offering something extra special along with the book, too:

12" of plushie, cuddly terror!

Thanks again, all! I'll be in touch RHEE-ly soon!

Your friend in comics,

Dirk Manning

The journey is never easy... but it is always worth it!
11 months ago – Sat, Mar 19, 2022 at 04:22:34 PM

A RHEE-ly big update...

Hey all! I apologize for the radio silence over the last few weeks! Production on both the TALES OF MR. RHEE OMNIBUS: ACT ONE and TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 5: "Rockstar Paranoia" (totaling over 700 pages of content!) is moving along, and we anticipate that the books will be going to the printers the week after next.

Admittedly, we wanted them to go to the printers sooner, but paper shortages has caused a bit of a delay in securing the proper printer to ensure the level of quality we want -- and you deserve -- for these books.

Furthermore, Source Point Press has been so excited and supportive of the book that they actually did a full month promotion for the book as part of a line-wide horror sale (which you may have read about at news sites such as THIS ONE.)

(Don't worry, though, only those of you who supported this campaign will be getting the deluxe editions of the books!)

Never one able to sit still, while the sale was running I used the time to give both books (especially RHEEv5) one final pass, making a few more final art and lettering edits and tweaks and, friends, I most sincerely can't wait for all of you to get to get these books in your hands. We're making RHEE's debut with SPP something very special, I assure you!

I also used this time to write a new foreword to the TALES OF MR. RHEE OMNIBUS: ACT ONE that reveals some secrets about the genesis of the book I'm not sure I've ever revealed before. You know me -- the more you leave me to my own devices, the more stuff I tend to add to the Kickstarter packages and books!

What's Next?

Once the books go to the printer (again, we're looking at that happening in about a week), I'll then be reaching out to those of you who ordered the RHEE Statuette and get those orders going for you. Les Garner has made the models (of course) along with working on our new upcoming werewolf western HOMESTEAD and, again, I'm just so tickled for you all to see them.

I'll also reach out to those of you who pledged to be a victim (or villain) in the NEXT volume of TALES OF MR. RHEE, which I'm also already pre-writing.  Whether you want to be a villain or a victim, you're going to have quite an appearance in TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 6!

Finally, speaking of upcoming books, here's some EXCLUSIVE news just for all of you who've read this far: Source Point Press has officially approved my next Kickstarter release, which will be -- at long last -- the full graphic novel edition of THE ADVENTURES OF CTHULHU JR. with Scoot McMahon (illustrator/letterer), Sean Burres (colorist), and Leah Lederman (editor). This campaign will be launching in early May (before I hit the road for a full month of comic con and signing appearances, as detailed HERE), and -- while I can't give any details yet -- along with the CTHULHU JR. graphic novel (yes, we'll be offering a KS Exclusive Hardcover Edition) we'll also be offering something that you've all been asking for in regards to this particular book (at least) for YEARS. YEARS.

I'm so, so excited for what's ahead, friends. THANK YOU for your support!

I'll be in touch again soon, and in the meantime, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out!

Your friend in comics,

Dirk Manning

BackerKits have been delivered... AND MORE!
12 months ago – Sat, Feb 12, 2022 at 06:07:28 PM

Hey all!

By now you should have gotten an email notifying you of your BackerKit link being delivered... but if you haven't, you can access your BackerKit HERE:

Get some additional SPP horror graphic novels you may have missed the first time!

Along with your finalizing your pledge on your TALES OF MR. RHEE pledge, you you will have noticed that in celebration of TALES OF MR. RHEE coming to Source Point Press, the publisher is offering a special promotion with discounted prices on a number of their other horror graphic novels that you may have missed the first time they were offered!

So, if you've yet to read such great graphic novels, including, but not limited to:

  •  THE DAMNATION OF CHARLIE WORMWOOD written by Dr. Christina Blanch (One of my favorite comic writers!)
  •  HOLLISTON (yes, based on the Shudder TV series) written by Greg Wright (There's even a package deal!)
  •  PLAGUE DOKTOR written by David Brown (Loooove this book!)
  •  ROTTENTAIL written by David Hayes (There's a package deal with the BlueRay movie, too!)
  •  CULT OF DRACULA written by Rich Davis (This was one of the biggest SPP hits of last year)
  •  BLACK OF HEART written by Chis Charlton (This was one of my favorite comics even before it came to SPP!)

Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that my titles TWIZTID HAUNTED HIGH-ONS Volume 1 (a horror-comedy that was nominated for three Ringo Awards), HOPE (it's the KS Exclusive Hardcover Edition, no less!), and BURIED BUT NOT DEAD (also nominated for a Ringo Award) are all available at discounted prices through the BackerKit, too!

Oh, and fear not, even if you've already placed your order, you can still go back to the link, peruse, and add any additional books to your BackerKit before we lock down orders at the end of the month! Huzzah!

Finally, if you might know of anyone else who might want to jump-in to this campaign and treat themselves to these sales, you can share  the link with them and they can participate in the sale too, whether they participated in the initial campaign or not!

That's all for now, friends, but I will be in touch again soon! In the meantime, happy shopping! Treat yo'self!

Your friend in comics,

Dirk Manning

P.S. -- I'll be in touch with those of you who will be getting drawn into TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 6 and/or may want to get your statuette painted before delivery soon, too!

The BackerKit -- and the Horror Sale -- is live!
about 1 year ago – Sat, Feb 05, 2022 at 09:16:07 AM

BackerKit Links Have Been Sent!

Hey all!

I'm pleased to announce that the TALES OF MR. RHEE BackerKit is now live!

You should have received an email already, but if not, you can access it directly HERE:

For those of you who purchased a statue, you will get a message via Kickstarter soon about how to coordinate getting your statue painted (if you'd like to do so).

To those of you who are getting drawn-in to the next book, I will also message you via Kickstarter soon as well about getting reference photos for your appearances in the book.

All of that aside, I also have some RHEE-ly exciting news about the BackerKit!

Source Point Press Loves Horror Sale!

In honor of TALES OF MR. RHEE coming to Source Point Press, as part of the BackerKit SPP is offering special discounted prices on not only the other titles I've written for the publisher, but also several other of the horror titles from the publisher that you may not otherwise be aware of or missed the first time!

Here's a small sample of the great Source Point Press horror graphic novels you can get as part of the TALES OF MR. RHEE BackerKit at discounted prices! RHEE-joice, friends!

Also, you may notice that the original printing of TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 1 from the previous publisher is listed on the BackerKit. You may be wondering why I'd list this (and this alone) stand-alone TALES OF MR. RHEE volume -- especially if you're getting the TALES OF MR. RHEE OMNIBUS: ACT ONE. As a reminder, this stand-alone version of the RHEEv1 is the original grayscaled (and now completely out of print) edition of the book. If you'd like to treat yourself to the first 13-story collection in its original grayscaled (gory) glory, add that onto your pledge while you can.

That aside, all of the non-RHEE books you add-on to your order will be shipped fairly immediately, so you won't have to wait for those! Huzzah! 

Finally, if you know of someone who may want to get any/all of the books offered in the BackerKit at these discounted prices (including the TPB editions of the TALES OF MR. RHEE OMNIBUS: ACT ONE or TALES OF MR. RHEE Volume 5: "Rockstar Paranoia" (which is a perfect jumping-on point to the whole series) you can share this link with them and it will take them right to the site and they can preorder anything/everything they want:

If you have any questions, send me a message through here. We're dealing with a Snowmaggedon at the moment, but I should be able to get back to you by the weekend... or shortly thereafter. Cool?

Thanks all! I RHEE-ly appreciate you all and hope you'll enjoy the horror treats we're offering here! 

Your f(r)iend in comics,

Dirk Manning